AppNana Hack – Our Way to Cheat Nanas


Appnana Hack

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AppNana is a free mobile app, downloaded on Android or Apple devices. This app permits you to earn nanas which are called as points, by downloading and putting in applications on your mobile device. Most of the people play the sport or use the app to flip the quantity of their time so as to earn the nanas.


Nanas will be listed for a number of things. The usually claimed reward is paid apps. You’ll exchange your nanas to induce paid apps for complimentary. The foremost widespread games, like Angry Birds, will be yours in exchange for a couple of nanas. If apps or games don’t interest you, you’ll conjointly change the nanas for gift cards from: Amazon iTunes Google Play’


If you have got a preferred twitter feed, Facebook account or YouTube channel, you can definitely use it to extend your financial gain by taking advantage of AppNana’s Referral Program. Users are given an invitation code and can earn cash every time that code is employed by a brand new AppNana user. Consistent with the app’s web site, a number of the foremost widespread affiliates can earn $300 per day or additional victimization this referral program.


For the foremost half, the reviews for AppNana are positive. There have, however, been over a couple of complaints. The foremost common criticism from AppNana users is that after they signed up, they begin receiving an outsized quantity of spam emails. There’s no official statement from the app on about their servers that whether or not they sell their customers email info. There have conjointly been reports of individuals having issues with viruses, when downloading AppNana, however this is often solely a retardant, if the app isn’t downloaded from a true source.


Before you begin creating cash, you have got to collect Nanas, commonly known as points or play money. Just after sign up, you’ll receive 10mil and Nanas and each day you open the app you’ll receive four hundred. In “Rewards” you’ll be able to see the various ways that to redeem your Nanas. In “Get Nanas” you’ll see multiple entries known as “Nana Offers” by which you’ll be able to notice scores of free apps that you’ll receive Nanas for downloads. Once downloaded you’ll be able to delete them, though not all applications can provide similar necessities, in some you have got to register. Although the fastest way to earn nanas is from the code from the person that has a similar application. Both the owner and the person who used the code will receive 500 points. The only condition to start out golf shot from people’s codes is reach 15mil Nanas before, by clearly downloading applications. Your code can be seen in “Invite”.

Is AppNana A Scam?

No, AppNana isn’t a scam. It’s a legitimate way to flip the time you pay on your mobile device into one thing that is profitable.