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If you have been in search of quality software for Appnana, your search is over because the App nana hack tool found here is the best in the industry. Designers and programmers have taken their time to come up with a perfect and fine-tuned nana hack tool that can never let you down. The Appnana hack apk has great features to allow you to carry out your infamous practice without fail, but this software is different. This is not like this fake “appnana codes hack”, “appnana codes sharing” or any other invite codes, no. This is a next-level software provided by us.

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About the Nana App

App Nana is a reward web based application for mobile technology. Nanas are points which are garnered for redemption of various rewards such as other apps and gift cards among others. Appnana is accessible through both iOS and Android mobile devices.

There are several ways through which you can earn nanas. Upon registration, you earn 10,000 points but the main points are awarded once you download and run various programs on App nana. You earn 400 nanas daily when this application runs on your device. The system also awards you 2500 nanas if you invite someone or if you are invited. However, your account needs to have at least 15000 nanas for you to be eligible for the invitation points.

For example, Amazon coupons (US only) for $100 garners 1 200 000 points, Google Play coupons for $ 50 garners 650 000 points and PayPal account money (applies worldwide) amounting to $100 garners 1 200 000 points just to mention but a few. All these coupon prices are high and so a helping hacking tool like Appnana hack comes in handy. You can redeem the nanas for rewards such as: Google Play cards, Microsoft points, Amazon cards, iTune coupons, BitCoins, PayPal account and PlayStation network coupons.

About the App Nana Hack Tool

If you ever wondered how to hack appnana, if you The Appnana hack tool allows you to accumulate unlimited nanas for various rewards’ redemption. Appnana hack is very user-friendly since it has easy to follow instructions. It is designed not for programmers but for common users who might have little or zero programming skills. And the best thing is, you don’t need any App nana invitation codes or any other hacked codes anymore. Because codes for Appnana are overused and saturated most times.

appnana cheats

No other software is needed to run the hack program. Everything you need is available in the package you download. All you have to do is to connect your mobile device to your computer through regular USB cable, Wi-Fi or BT after running it on your computer.

The download package consists of four files which include: Appnana_hack.exe for running the application, database.dll which has Appnana database servers, Autoupdate.exe for automatic updating of the app and license.dll which has the license for using App nana codes.

Features of Appnana Hack

This hacking tool has very helpful features as explained below:

Unlimited nanas – This app allows the user to add infinite number of reward points. This feature gives it an added advantage over other hack tools. This means that once you download this web-based application, you will have unlimited number of nanas in your account.

It is totally proxy protected, has mask + and anti-ban – These features ensures that your account is 100% secure at all times. The program has created a list of private proxy which is responsible for changing your IP address. You therefore do not have to worry about being caught hacking. The mask + application allow smooth and secure flow of data in your account. The app connects to the database of Appnana servers and searches the account you specify. Once the account is found, the individual bits are replaced as per your details.

Virus-free – This application is scanned and tested to prove that it does not have any virus. You therefore you do not have to worry about malicious attacks when downloading it. It is totally clean and so your mobile device will remain clean and functional even after its installation and usage.

how to hack appnana


No jailbreak is necessary – In order to use the App nana hack tool no hacking to bypass digital right management restrictions is required. It is true that jailbreaking has its risks of opening a room for malicious attacks. Users of App nana hack tool therefore like the fact that they do not have to live with the fear of experiencing risks associated with jailbroken mobile devices.

Runs on Android and iOS mobile devices – This means that it is compatible across the most popular platforms. It is basically an app for you, all your family members and friends since these are the two most famous mobile systems. This makes Appnana hack very common around the globe since it works on all versions of iOS and Android.

Friendly Interface – As explained above, the application has been designed with a lot of consideration of the user. The friendly interface allows the interactive process to be well understood. It is an application for everyone.

No Need for Code – In order to use this app, you do not have to be a geek in programming because no code is necessary. The design is such that you can use it without having to worry about all the programming behind it.

Automatic Updates – This app contains a file in the package that ensures there are daily automatic updates. Once you have downloaded and installed the program, you do not have to wait for repairs because the system is automated for updates and in case you report any problem, solutions are provided immediately.

Nice Design – It is optimized to work for all environments efficiently as it has the most versatile design.



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How to Get MONEY as a Teen/Kid FAST


Here is another video which explains how easy it is to make some money with Appnana. The guy on the video is successful with the thing he is doing. Basically, he explains how he started out with AppNana and explains its fuctions and possibilities. Of course he is sharing his referral link aswell. If you want to support him, then click on the link below his video.

How to get free Shark Cards and Money in GTA 5 and Earn Real Money With AppNana


Hey everyone how’s it going? Today I’m bringing you guys an awesome way to get shark cards for GTA 5 Online, PSN Points, Xbox Points, PayPal Cash & much more.

I’m gonna show you guys how you can make money in real life with the app call AppNana. It’s a pretty cool app, it’s free & very easy to use.

So first things first, click this link and sign up for AppNana in your mobile device, once you signed up in you mobile device with the link in the description you gonna earn 10,000 nanas which are points.

So yeah guys definitely do that to get yourself free 10K points, then you wanna install the app in your device, once you install the app, go over to get nanas tab & choose any offer you want, & install free apps which will give you nanas points that you can redeem to get free shark cards for gta 5, you can also get free PSN Points, Xbox Points, Steam Points, iTunes Gift Cards, or you can simply get money in your PayPal account which is freaquing awesome. So yeah definitely install free apps when ever you have nothing really to do or your bored or treveling, whenever you have free time,it’s just an awesome way to get some free extra cash in your pocket, there is also another way you can get nanas points is by entering people referall code on your get nanas tab but you need to have minimum of 15,000 nanas, so once you have 15 K nanas you can enter my invitation code & we will both gonna earn 2,500 nanas points which is awesome & you can also share your referall code with me in the comments section down below, or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram where ever you want, you can share with me your invitation code so I can enter yours, you can find your invitation code at your invite tab, so yeah every one definitely share your invitation codes in the comments section down below.

So yeah it’s very easy & simple if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments section down below & I would love to help you out.

So yeah guys that’s really about it. Check out more in this video:

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Appnana Tricks #3


Hello and welcome today I want to show you another Video. Appnana give you free gift cards. This app is actually working to get Nanas (points). You can install a app or watch a video.

You can also invite a friend when you and your friend have 15.

You can also share Appnana on for exemple instagram to get 5 nanas. Here you can see what you can get google play card on 10$ cost you 160.

Its much nanas but its free you got nothing to lose.

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How To Get A Lot Of Free Nanas #2


As promised in our last guide on How To Get A Lot Of Free Nanas #1 we are going to show you how you can YouTube and Whatsapp to get Nanas.

Youtube Comments. Youtube is one of the biggest virtual places for AppNana users. You surely have already seen a bunch of Videos which claim how you can get millions of nanas etc… Those videos are all fake. BUT the users on YouTube are not fake. Check the comments below the videos and you will find a lot of legit and real users sharing their working Invitation Codes. YouTube is full with AppNana related videos. Simply find them and add your Invitation Code as comment below the video.

WhatsApp Groups. There are a lot of groups in WhatsApp. And unlike Facebook you will get a notification about each and every comment you get in the group. Not all groups are related to Appnana. Some of them maybe don’t even know what Appnana actually is, but why not to tell them about it and share your knowledge with them. Later on you can exchange your invitation codes with each other. However, there are also a lot of Appnana WhatsApp groups, simply join ’em and share you invitation code with them.

I hope you liked and enjoy this two methods. Please come back to our blog from time to time as we are about to release some new secret methods to gain nanas soon. Also feel free to add you in the comment box below. Lets earn nanas!

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How To Get A Lot Of Free Nanas #1


Everybody know and love Appnana, it gives you the opportunity to get stuff like PayPal Money, Amazon Giftcards, Google Play Giftcards, Bitcoins, iTunes Giftcards etc. for free. The main thing I do Is using Invitation Codes of other Appnana users and get up to 2500 Nanas. Another way is to choose options like video offers or installing apps. Anyways, it is more effective and easy to get nanas through invitation codes by sharing and inviting all of your friends. One way to do it is to share it on Social Media. For every day that you open the Appnana App, you earn 400 nanas, but to use inivation codes you first need to get 15000 nanas in your Appnana Account.

The amount of people who actually search for working Appnana hacks to cheat the Nana system is increasing day by day. Youtube and many other websites are spammed with non-working Tools. But it can be so easy, to get nanas in legal ways.

Some ways to get Free Nanas:

  1. Twitter: use popular Hashtags to reach as much people as you can. Keep spreading your Invitaion Code to as much people as you can and see the Nanas in your account rolling. But make sure your Hashtags are popular, so you can reach a lot of people. Here are some Hashtags that I personally use: #appnana_codes #giftcard #nana #appnana #freegems
  2. Forums: This is my favorite way to share my personal invite codes. I search for forums where people are sharing their invitation codes and add mine to those threads. Also I love to visit reddit. Almost daily people are sharing codes reddit.
  3. Facebook: This is also a powerful place to find Invitation Codes. Especially in groups are working Invitation Codes shared almost daily. Join a lot of groups to get most out of it. Examples for groups: Appnana Community, Appnana Codes, Appnana 2016, Appnana Codigos, AppNana, APPNANA, Cash reward Invitation Codes, Free Gift Cards, etc…

There are a lot of other sources where you can get Invitation Codes and share you own. Keep visiting our Blog, next time we will explain you how to use YouTube and Whatsapp to get a lot of nanas.

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The Benefits of Appnana


Nanas can be exchanged for a number of things like paid apps. You can get popular games like angry birds for only a few nanas. Not interested in games anymore? You have the option to use your nanas to get gift cards instead from the following sites:

● iTunes
● Amazon
● Google Play

The Referral Program

You can monetize your YouTube Channel, Twitter feed, or Facebook account if you have a large following by using App Nana’s Referral Program. As an affiliate, you will be given an invite code and you get paid whenever a new AppNana user inputs that code. AppNana’s website claims that some of their most famous affiliates can generate as much as $300 daily by using their affiliate program.

The Program Cons

Most of the reviews on AppNana have been positive so far. But they also received a fair amount of negative reviews. The biggest complaint by far is the amount of spam emails users receive after they sign up. There isn’t any official statement from AppNana regarding if they sell the emails collected to a third party. Some users have also reported getting viruses once they downloaded the app, however this only seems to be an issue if the app isn’t downloaded from an official website.

Is AppNana a Scam?

The short answer is no, App Nana is not a scam at all. It is a great way to turn the time you spend on your mobile phone into a profitable venture. App Nana will never make you rich, but it is a very useful way to get points for other apps or to get some very useful gift cards.

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How I earned Video Points


Appnana video pointsHey guys, it’s been awhile since my last post. Today I want to explain you how I’ve been able to get a good amount of video points for my AppNana Account. I found the method at the official Appnana’s tutorials section by clicking “Get Nanas” and checked the “Nana Offers 4 Videos” Button. But I have to say that the Nanas weren’t granted straight away all the time. It wasn’t very awkward, as I have had a work around. First I have had to close the App, then I’ve removed it from my smartphone and the latest Apps cache. After that I have installed it once again and start it. Ordinarily I should be able to see the reward points that I would get for watching a video ad.

I have realized that advertisements by Vungle are seemingly handled correctly. They are giving you the promised points instantly after you viewed the Ad. On the other side, Adcolony ads aren’t visible immediately, that’s the reason why I’ve had to reinstall the Appnana App first (as described above).

Anyways, I have found a faster way to get my points:

Check the Tutorials Section of Appnana’s “Get Nanas” (Make sure you run them until end to earn the reward)
You nanas will be shown instantly if the video is presented by Vungle
If the video is presented by any other advertiser like Adcolony, click the “back” button and you will be able to see the reward will pop-up

Have Fun and Good Luck!

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How I Got over 100 Appnana Referrals



There are a lot of people asking me how I was to earn so much Appnana points. That’s why I decide to create a step by step tutorial to demonstrate how I did it and to share my knowledge with all of you. I have referred more than 100 people since the beginning of Appnana. The total amount of nanas points that I gained is 250,000. That’s 100 people x 2,500 nana points for each referral.

Later on, I gained 10,000 points with an awesome survey which I was referred to do from Appnana via email.

After all, here is how I did it. I have promoted my code on each and every social network that I know. I have searched for other Appnana users and swapped my code and also downloaded Apps and opened them. You have to believe me that consistency is the main key here!

My most successful methods to earn Appnana points:

  • I created a blog to explain people how Appnana works and what the benefits of it are. If you don’t have money to purchase your own domain and hosting, I can recommend you using free blogging platforms like,, or
  • I shared my code on Facebook and Twitter at least 5-6x a (to automate and schedule this tasks, I recommend the Hootsuite App)
  • I’ve created a video and uploaded it to YouTube to let people know about AppNana (I have added my Blog and Nana Codes to the video) I have referred a huge amount of people this way.
  • I posted my codes on a bunch of forums. I was surprised that a lot of people don’t even know what Appnana is! There are still a lot of forums where you can post your codes to.


The right title is very important to attract your visitors in your content

Here are some of the titles that I used:

  • How I Got PayPal Cash For Free
  • How I Got Amazon Gift Cards For Free
  • How I Got iPhone Games For Free
  • How I Got iTunes Gift Cards For Free
  • How I Got an Xbox For Free
  • How I Got Minecraft For Free

You could create a video for every of the titles above. You could explain and show people how to get this things for free. Show them that Appnana really works! It’s not a big deal to create a such video. Simply download a free Screen Capture Software like Camtasia, click the Record button and show them how to do that. Is is simple, download AppNana and watch some videos. Then download and open some apps. After that login back to you Appnana and earn the points. You can then for example withdraw the points with $1 – $50 Amazon/iTunes gift cards or cash it out via PayPal. Easy as that!

In this App you can chose different sections of Offers

  • Offer #1: (up to 1500 points)
  • Offer #2: (earn between 600 to 6000 points)
  • Offer #3: (earn betweet 24 to 7500 points)
  • Offer #4: (earn betweet 30 to 12200 points)
  • Offer #5: (earn betweet 50 to 2100 points)
  • Offer #6: (earn betweet 45 to 33300 points)

The rules in App Nana are simple. You download and open Appnana and select a offer that you like. If you select a download offer, then all you have to do is to download the app and open it. Once you log open up your App Nana App again, you will see points are added to your account.

You can download AppNana by followin this link or simply type Appnana in your Appstore or GooglePlay. After you downloaded it, enter all required informations and add my invitation code m37564. If you add my code, we will both get 2,500 coins but you have to wait 48 hours before you receive your amazon gift card code.

Appnana Hack

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Another AppNana Video


Hey guys, another great video we wanna share with you if you are new to Appnana. Alex has made a great explaination about the App an how it works. He also added some great tips that was even new to me! Make sure you watch the video till end to get the gems 🙂

Enough said, check it out:

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