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How I Got over 100 Appnana Referrals



There are a lot of people asking me how I was to earn so much Appnana points. That’s why I decide to create a step by step tutorial to demonstrate how I did it and to share my knowledge with all of you. I have referred more than 100 people since the beginning of Appnana. The total amount of nanas points that I gained is 250,000. That’s 100 people x 2,500 nana points for each referral.

Later on, I gained 10,000 points with an awesome survey which I was referred to do from Appnana via email.

After all, here is how I did it. I have promoted my code on each and every social network that I know. I have searched for other Appnana users and swapped my code and also downloaded Apps and opened them. You have to believe me that consistency is the main key here!

My most successful methods to earn Appnana points:

  • I created a blog to explain people how Appnana works and what the benefits of it are. If you don’t have money to purchase your own domain and hosting, I can recommend you using free blogging platforms like wordpress.com, blogger.com, tumblr.com or weebly.com.
  • I shared my code on Facebook and Twitter at least 5-6x a (to automate and schedule this tasks, I recommend the Hootsuite App)
  • I’ve created a video and uploaded it to YouTube to let people know about AppNana (I have added my Blog and Nana Codes to the video) I have referred a huge amount of people this way.
  • I posted my codes on a bunch of forums. I was surprised that a lot of people don’t even know what Appnana is! There are still a lot of forums where you can post your codes to.


The right title is very important to attract your visitors in your content

Here are some of the titles that I used:

  • How I Got PayPal Cash For Free
  • How I Got Amazon Gift Cards For Free
  • How I Got iPhone Games For Free
  • How I Got iTunes Gift Cards For Free
  • How I Got an Xbox For Free
  • How I Got Minecraft For Free

You could create a video for every of the titles above. You could explain and show people how to get this things for free. Show them that Appnana really works! It’s not a big deal to create a such video. Simply download a free Screen Capture Software like Camtasia, click the Record button and show them how to do that. Is is simple, download AppNana and watch some videos. Then download and open some apps. After that login back to you Appnana and earn the points. You can then for example withdraw the points with $1 – $50 Amazon/iTunes gift cards or cash it out via PayPal. Easy as that!

In this App you can chose different sections of Offers

  • Offer #1: (up to 1500 points)
  • Offer #2: (earn between 600 to 6000 points)
  • Offer #3: (earn betweet 24 to 7500 points)
  • Offer #4: (earn betweet 30 to 12200 points)
  • Offer #5: (earn betweet 50 to 2100 points)
  • Offer #6: (earn betweet 45 to 33300 points)

The rules in App Nana are simple. You download and open Appnana and select a offer that you like. If you select a download offer, then all you have to do is to download the app and open it. Once you log open up your App Nana App again, you will see points are added to your account.

You can download AppNana by followin this link or simply type Appnana in your Appstore or GooglePlay. After you downloaded it, enter all required informations and add my invitation code m37564. If you add my code, we will both get 2,500 coins but you have to wait 48 hours before you receive your amazon gift card code.

Appnana Hack

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