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How To Get A Lot Of Free Nanas #1


Everybody know and love Appnana, it gives you the opportunity to get stuff like PayPal Money, Amazon Giftcards, Google Play Giftcards, Bitcoins, iTunes Giftcards etc. for free. The main thing I do Is using Invitation Codes of other Appnana users and get up to 2500 Nanas. Another way is to choose options like video offers or installing apps. Anyways, it is more effective and easy to get nanas through invitation codes by sharing and inviting all of your friends. One way to do it is to share it on Social Media. For every day that you open the Appnana App, you earn 400 nanas, but to use inivation codes you first need to get 15000 nanas in your Appnana Account.

The amount of people who actually search for working Appnana hacks to cheat the Nana system is increasing day by day. Youtube and many other websites are spammed with non-working Tools. But it can be so easy, to get nanas in legal ways.

Some ways to get Free Nanas:

  1. Twitter: use popular Hashtags to reach as much people as you can. Keep spreading your Invitaion Code to as much people as you can and see the Nanas in your account rolling. But make sure your Hashtags are popular, so you can reach a lot of people. Here are some Hashtags that I personally use: #appnana_codes #giftcard #nana #appnana #freegems
  2. Forums: This is my favorite way to share my personal invite codes. I search for forums where people are sharing their invitation codes and add mine to those threads. Also I love to visit reddit. Almost daily people are sharing codes reddit.
  3. Facebook: This is also a powerful place to find Invitation Codes. Especially in groups are working Invitation Codes shared almost daily. Join a lot of groups to get most out of it. Examples for groups: Appnana Community, Appnana Codes, Appnana 2016, Appnana Codigos, AppNana, APPNANA, Cash reward Invitation Codes, Free Gift Cards, etc…

There are a lot of other sources where you can get Invitation Codes and share you own. Keep visiting our Blog, next time we will explain you how to use YouTube and Whatsapp to get a lot of nanas.

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