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How To Get A Lot Of Free Nanas #2


As promised in our last guide on How To Get A Lot Of Free Nanas #1 we are going to show you how you can YouTube and Whatsapp to get Nanas.

Youtube Comments. Youtube is one of the biggest virtual places for AppNana users. You surely have already seen a bunch of Videos which claim how you can get millions of nanas etc… Those videos are all fake. BUT the users on YouTube are not fake. Check the comments below the videos and you will find a lot of legit and real users sharing their working Invitation Codes. YouTube is full with AppNana related videos. Simply find them and add your Invitation Code as comment below the video.

WhatsApp Groups. There are a lot of groups in WhatsApp. And unlike Facebook you will get a notification about each and every comment you get in the group. Not all groups are related to Appnana. Some of them maybe don’t even know what Appnana actually is, but why not to tell them about it and share your knowledge with them. Later on you can exchange your invitation codes with each other. However, there are also a lot of Appnana WhatsApp groups, simply join ’em and share you invitation code with them.

I hope you liked and enjoy this two methods. Please come back to our blog from time to time as we are about to release some new secret methods to gain nanas soon. Also feel free to add you in the comment box below. Lets earn nanas!

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