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How to get free Shark Cards and Money in GTA 5 and Earn Real Money With AppNana


Hey everyone how’s it going? Today I’m bringing you guys an awesome way to get shark cards for GTA 5 Online, PSN Points, Xbox Points, PayPal Cash & much more.

I’m gonna show you guys how you can make money in real life with the app call AppNana. It’s a pretty cool app, it’s free & very easy to use.

So first things first, click this link http://bit.ly/SUB2SKizzle and sign up for AppNana in your mobile device, once you signed up in you mobile device with the link in the description you gonna earn 10,000 nanas which are points.

So yeah guys definitely do that to get yourself free 10K points, then you wanna install the app in your device, once you install the app, go over to get nanas tab & choose any offer you want, & install free apps which will give you nanas points that you can redeem to get free shark cards for gta 5, you can also get free PSN Points, Xbox Points, Steam Points, iTunes Gift Cards, or you can simply get money in your PayPal account which is freaquing awesome. So yeah definitely install free apps when ever you have nothing really to do or your bored or treveling, whenever you have free time,it’s just an awesome way to get some free extra cash in your pocket, there is also another way you can get nanas points is by entering people referall code on your get nanas tab but you need to have minimum of 15,000 nanas, so once you have 15 K nanas you can enter my invitation code & we will both gonna earn 2,500 nanas points which is awesome & you can also share your referall code with me in the comments section down below, or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram where ever you want, you can share with me your invitation code so I can enter yours, you can find your invitation code at your invite tab, so yeah every one definitely share your invitation codes in the comments section down below.

So yeah it’s very easy & simple if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments section down below & I would love to help you out.

So yeah guys that’s really about it. Check out more in this video:

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