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The Benefits of Appnana


Nanas can be exchanged for a number of things like paid apps. You can get popular games like angry birds for only a few nanas. Not interested in games anymore? You have the option to use your nanas to get gift cards instead from the following sites:

● iTunes
● Amazon
● Google Play

The Referral Program

You can monetize your YouTube Channel, Twitter feed, or Facebook account if you have a large following by using App Nana’s Referral Program. As an affiliate, you will be given an invite code and you get paid whenever a new AppNana user inputs that code. AppNana’s website claims that some of their most famous affiliates can generate as much as $300 daily by using their affiliate program.

The Program Cons

Most of the reviews on AppNana have been positive so far. But they also received a fair amount of negative reviews. The biggest complaint by far is the amount of spam emails users receive after they sign up. There isn’t any official statement from AppNana regarding if they sell the emails collected to a third party. Some users have also reported getting viruses once they downloaded the app, however this only seems to be an issue if the app isn’t downloaded from an official website.

Is AppNana a Scam?

The short answer is no, App Nana is not a scam at all. It is a great way to turn the time you spend on your mobile phone into a profitable venture. App Nana will never make you rich, but it is a very useful way to get points for other apps or to get some very useful gift cards.

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